Kimchi & K-pop

Yesterday, I was missing Korea, so I decided it was time to eat some kimchi and listen to K-pop.  Kimchi was my sidekick for over a year, and it brings back sweet memories of late night dinners shared with friends at Kimbap Heaven. Kimchi is not the same here. It all tastes the same and is a bit too sour for me. However, sometimes any kimchi is better than no Kimchi. What is kimchi? Kimchi is a traditional Korean side dish made of fermented chilies and vegetables, usually Chinese cabbage.  It is often used as a base for rice dishes and stews as well. Kimchi jiggae is one of my favourite Korean dishes.

Kimchi pots
Kimchi pots

And K-pop… Korean experience would not have been complete without it.  In what country can you walk down the street at 10 in the morning and hear “Hey, sexy lady…..Oppa Gangnam style….” ? In what country does a 10-year-old boy say to his teacher “Come here, baby,” and then sing, “Goodbye, baby, goodbye…” as you walk away from his desk?  In Korea, that’s where. K-pop is everywhere, and everyone is listening to it, singing it, or whistling along. One of my students was even hula dancing in class to a catchy love song by CN Blue.

Big Bang, the men behind Fantastic Baby
Big Bang, the men behind Fantastic Baby

Anyhow, some of my favourite K-pop songs or rather the songs that stick out for me are Trouble maker, Fantastic Baby, Still in Love (song my student was hula dancing to), Hot Summer, Good-bye Baby, and of course, Oppa Gangnam Style. Enjoy!

For more on the makers of Fantastic Baby, check out Elegantly Chic‘s fabulous post on Big Bang!


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