Goodnight, Halloween!


Halloween has been rather uneventful since I became too old to go door-to-door asking for candy.  I used to love dressing up, even when it wasn’t Halloween.  I’ve worn some great costumes back in the day — Little Red Riding Hood, a witch, a mime, a clown, Charlie Chaplin, an angel…..  This year I put florescent pink and blue hairspray in my hair, carved pumpkins, ate tootsie rolls, and played Scrabble with my uncle while waiting for the little princesses and vampires to arrive at my door.

Number of trick-or-treaters: 25.  Best costume: Tinkerbell’s sister, Periwinkle (little white wig, wings, and all.  I just found out tonight that Tinkerbell has a sister, and you can catch her in Secret of the Wings).  Worst costume: ballerina/dolphin trainer girl (I think she just wanted some sweets, so she raided her little sister’s closet, and grabbed a white tutu and a blue shirt with dolphins on it). All in all it was a quiet night, and we have too much candy left over!  I need to hide it from myself.

P.S. I’m not really daft. I do know that some of these words are made-up, but we were able to use every letter tile except 1.


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