Tough luck

January 4: The best part of today?

I found my flashdrive at the library. The night before I had spent the whole night retracing my steps, and fearing what kind of information would be placed in someone else’s hands.  I really should have feared what kind of person would get their hands on it.  They would be equipped with my phone number, address, and good grammar (if they took time to work through my ESL worksheets).  I guess they would be pretty disappointed, but they would have scored a new flashdrive.  Although it wasn’t as flash as the one I lost last year, it served its purpose.   Anyhow, an honest person turned in my flashdrive, and I have yet to be stalked by an articulate stranger! May the person who turned in my flashdrive be blessed with good karma.

January 5: What was the last restaurant you went to?

Yesterday, I went to Sushi Plus Restaurant with Helen, my friend from England, and Asami and Eriko, my Japanese students.    The sushi there is tasty and affordable – lunch is almost always under $8!  What really sells me on this place is the atmosphere.  There are hand-drawn/written menus on the walls — think sushi, sunomono salads, and little bears with Sailor Moon eyes.   Sushi Plus has definitely got the cuteness factor going on ^_^.  And my Japanese students appreciated the food, so I think that is a good sign.  Also, when you dine there your cup is never half empty. It’s always full of green tea.

January 6: Today was tough because ______________.

NYE 2011 in Seoul

Today was tough because all signs of Christmas disappeared.  When I went over to my mom’s house the Christmas lights were gone, the tree decorations were packed, and only the burlap angel remained at the top of the bare tree.  That would soon be put away with a few tears as the angel is 40 years old; my mom got her when she was 18.  I felt a bit emotional, too, as I reflected on 2012, and realized 2013 has begun.

 January 7: You are lucky; how so or not so?

Hmmmm…sometimes I am and sometimes I’m not.  On January 4, I was lucky; I found my flashdrive.  On November 1, 1994, I was not.  I broke my baby finger on my left hand.  I’ll always remember that day because it was the day after Halloween, and I didn’t want to go to school—sugar hangover.  But I did go to school, and as I left math class I broke my finger.  So, maybe that is why I hate math.  However, if I look at the bigger picture, I am lucky.  I have had opportunities that others have not, and I’ve seen a world beyond the world I was born into.


Are you lucky?  Why or why not?


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