Not so typical

January 9: Was today typical? Why or why not?

Today was not a typical day for me.  I was stood up, and had to use a flashlight in my apartment.  These two incidents are totally unrelated, but they’re both unusual occurrences for me.


Thailand taught me to expect others to arrive late, but after waiting 45 minutes, I felt like an idiot, and my ‘how incompetent!’ bell was going off in my head. This happens when I do something like leave my flashdrive at the library or forget my cell at home.  It also happens when others are extremely late or fail to use common sense.  When this bell goes off I usually give second and third chances, but today I decided that she was out.

Well, when I got in tonight, and attempted to turn on my lights nothing happened.  Luckily, I had a flashlight hanging on a nail beside the door, so I used that to help me touch-feel my way around the room. Unfortunately, my room doesn’t have it’s own electrical box because it used to be a storage room.  Anyhow, I was in a rush to go to a meeting, so I just grabbed my laptop and headed out the door.  When I came home later I was still without electricity. This makes sense, but I was hoping I could leave my little room alone for a few hours and it would magically come alive with electricity again. This didn’t happen, so I got my landlord out of the bath. He stumbled around outside in his pajamas with switches and breakers for a while, and just as he was going to give up, the lights came back!


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