Aspiring Wedding Planner

January 10: Write down something that inspired you today.

Being a Libra, I have a thing for beauty and pleasing aesthetics.  I also have a thing for planning and organizing, so a few months back I started investigating what was involved in becoming a wedding planner.  You might wonder how I quickly jumped to that career search. Making things beautiful + organizing + planning = wedding planner. Well, in uni I  spent my Friday nights at wedding rehearsals, and Sundays at weddings.  They were small weddings, most did not have planners, and I was the one who would usher quests inside, escort the bride to her special room, and remind the groomsmen not to drink in the vestry. It was fun being part of such a big day! And beauty and planning were ingredients that made the day sparkle.

In December, I enrolled in a wedding consultant course through the Wedding Planners Institute of Canada. So, next month, I am going over to Vancouver for the weekend to study the fine art of wedding planning!

Anyhow, let’s get back to the question.  Today, I met with a wedding planner to get the inside scoop on weddings, and running a small business. I met Barb Raymond, the owner of French Kiss Events, for coffee, and she shared her insight and much more with me.  Her passion for weddings, and down-to-earth genuineness inspired me. Not only did she tell me about the business side of being a planner (day of coordination, full coordination, contracts, going rates, networking), but she told me about the WPIC course, brides just wanting a best friend, and her growing love for social media.


So, I’ve been inspired to pursue wedding planning and…..set up a wedding board on Pinterest :)!


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