Favourite accessory

January 12: What’s your favourite accessory? 

It would have to be my watch.  I love functional accessories.  Sure, it’s fun to add the finishing touches to an outfit with a pair of dazzling earrings or a pearl bracelet,  but I feel naked without my watch.  It goes everywhere with me, so that I will be on time, or know precisely how late I am going to be.  That way when I meet you I will be able to apologize accordingly. 1-5 minutes late: “Sorry for being late.” 5-15 minutes:”Sorry to keep you waiting.  I was stuck in traffic.” 15- 30 minutes late:”I’m SO sorry. Really heavy traffic.  I really hope you haven’t been waiting too long. Let me buy you a coffee.”  If I am beyond 30 minutes late, I am going to apologize profusely, and buy you lunch or dinner! I’m also going to feel really lousy.  How could I be late when I am wearing my watch?!



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