Somewhere I’ve never been before

January 13: Where do you want to travel next?

Somewhere warm.   Somewhere where I feel totally foreign and caught in a whirlwind of colourful aromas. Somewhere I’ve never been before.



  My last trip was in November when I went to Calgary.  It was a cold, snowy holiday, and my flight home was cancelled, so I spent seven hours in the airport waiting for another flight.  I picked up a National Geographic, and began reading about the changes happening in Cuba since Fidel Castro’s younger brother came into power.   Entrepreneurship is growing, a real estate market is opening up, and tourism is rising along with remittances –what does it all mean? Still about 80 percent of the labour force works for the government. Their education and health care are paid for, but a lid is put on their dreams.  The article was peppered with artistic photos that captured the essence of the place and people — trapped between two worlds.

My inquisitive nature was sparked, and as I watched the snow fall on the runway, I thought about my next trip.  I thought about Cuba.  It was somewhere warm, somewhere foreign to me, and somewhere I had never been before.


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