The joy of bargaining

January 17: What’s the oldest thing you’re wearing today?

The oldest thing I’m wearing today is a 5-year-old nautical baby blue tank. I bought it on sale at Mango* in Bangkok.  It’s too cold to be wearing a tank top this time of year (in Canada), so I’ve layered it over a long-sleeved white shirt.PicMonkey Collage

I’m usually wearing a piece of clothing or an accessory from Korea or Thailand.  And I’ve almost never paid full price for it because my bargaining skills are THAT good ;-).  Bargaining is like a ping-pong game, and when you are playing it in your second language it is so much fun! It almost doesn’t matter if you win or lose. In that shop, whether it is in the bustling underground in Seoul or the sweltering Jatujak Weekend Marketin Bangkok, you are a part of the living breathing fabric around you.  You can’t just observe like you would most tourist attractions. You have to touch the clothes, smell the candles, and engage with the locals.  Haggling takes skill; you need the right amount of charm, patience, and words. Once you start the game, you never know what to expect. Remember, never accept the asking price.  Ping-pong is much more fun, and you might get yourself an amazing deal while bringing the shopkeeper good luck at the same time!



* Unfortunately, you can not bargain at Mango or most shops in air-conditioned malls in Bangkok :(.



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