Security or adventure?

January 22: Are you seeking security or adventure?

Security.  No….. wait…..maybe it’s adventure!  I want both.  I feel like I should be seeking security.  I feel like I should be seeking stability.  And I do want security and stability.  I do want to walk along the path that leads somewhere and not anywhere. But every time I walk by a travel agency my eyes light up.  As my eyes dance over the colourful advertisements for exotic destinations,beach  I wrap my scarf a little tighter around my neck, and dream a little.  Silver beaches, coconut juice, blue-blue water.

But maybe that isn’t such an adventure.  Maybe that is my security. Somehow everything fell into place in Thailand, and for six years, I always felt certain that things would.  I somehow knew that I would always find another job or another apartment, and that whatever drama I was going through would pass.   My life wasn’t perfect, but even when things got a bit mucky, I continued to grow.  I felt secure in Thailand.

In Canada, I feel uncertain.  Maybe this is my adventure. Somehow I am not so sure everything will fall into place.  I’ve always got one hand on my passport and the other’s flipping through the classifieds.   Maybe this is what I need to embrace.   I need to embrace this new adventure, and navigate this new world with an open heart and mind.  Perhaps, in Canada, I can find security and adventure.  And to be honest, I really wouldn’t want to settle for just one.



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