Beauty sleep

January 23: Do you need a break?  From what?

At this very moment, I need sleep. So, I need a break from my ‘can’t sleep until the job is done’ attitude.  I’m behind; it’s the 24th and will be the 25th by the time I finish this post, but I’m on January 23rd’s question.  I’ve made a commitment to myself to answer every question for an entire year.  And I’m going to stick with it because I want you to stick around.  It’s weird to think I have followers.  In real life, I would be freaked out, but in the virtual world it’s cool.

Sleep is taking over, so I will leave you with a picture from Insadong, Seoul.  Koreans don’t usually dress like this, but wouldn’t it be cool if they did?  But the men do wear make-up, just toned down a bit.  shh


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