January 25: What makes “you” you?

I have an inquisitive nature. I’m not afraid to ask questions.  And I have a way of finding out the truth.  Some share the truth with me openly while others hide it.  But at the end of the day, I will know your story.


The other day, my landlord told me I was funny, and he didn’t mean in a funny ha ha way, but in a strange hmmmm way.  So, naturally, I inquired.  And he told me that I ask too many questions.  Hmmm…isn’t it normal to want to know what day the garbage will be picked up?  And how long the tenant before you lived in your apartment?  And why the man upstairs sounds like an elephant? And why the girl across the hall is in grade 12, living alone, and coming home at three in the morning?  I didn’t get all my answers, and he’s not the first to tell me that I ask too many questions.

My friends are often surprised by how much information I ascertain from someone in such a short time.  And I am often surprised by how much information they will divulge to me.   At times, I feel guilty because I don’t reciprocate.  I’m not an open book; If you want to get to know me, you need to ask questions – the right questions. There is an art to asking questions.  Your question is your springboard, and if you ask the right question, you will be able to dive into the deep end.  But if you ask the wrong question or nothing at all, you’ll be stuck peering into the pool.

One of my favourite questions is a question that was proposed by my British friend at a retro bar in Thailand.  As we enjoyed our cocktails, she leaned over the table and asked me, “What do you do when you ‘ave it?”  This was the second time we had met, so I was caught off guard.  I followed up with my own question. “Have what?”  She replied, “You know,” and pumped her arms.  I just laughed, but she wouldn’t let me off the hook.  “What do you do when you have a good time?” And she meant this in the most innocent of ways.  Anyhow, I love this question because no one quite knows what to make of it, and the answer can be quite telling as to one’s character.

So…..what do you do when you ‘ave it?


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