More sleep, please!

January 26: Today you needed more ______.

Sleep.  Last night I stayed out past my curfew, and today I am suffering. Yes, I am 32 and give myself a curfew. If I’m not home by midnight, and sleeping by one o’clock, I know I am going to be off-balance the following day.  And today, this was the case.  Even after my morning coffee, I couldn’t lift the fog.

I met my student at nine o’clock and she was also complaining about lack of sleep, so we commiserated together.  Over Vietnamese coffee and black tea, we discussed a TED talk; the importance of eight hours of sleep a night; why a sense of joy is important for sustaining lifestyle changes; and whether or not we should pursue our love interests.

kissI love tutoring adults; I would never be able to talk about this stuff with underage students!







Note: I was out watching a hockey game with my love interest last night, so my sleep deprivation was happily self-imposed.



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