Music mix

February 5: What are you obsessively listening to?

For many of you, you won’t understand this, but I’ve never been one to obsessively listen to music.  I usually listen to music when I’m cleaning, dressing up to go out, or just before bed.  In the past, I used to put together playlists for the various parties I would host at my grand studio in Jirathit Mansion. It was all part of the fun preparation.  After a trip to Villa for cheese, grapes, and all that fancy foreign food ex-pats tend to miss in Bangkok,  I would sift through my songs on my laptop, and create the fitting background , keeping in mind the occasion and the guests.  Usually, I would throw in some Thai songs from Big Ass and Potato, sprinkle in some Cranberries and Evanescence, add a twist of Gwen Stefani, a little bit of Bon Jovi, and top it off with Alicia Keys.  My aim was to please everyone’s ears.  Most of the time I think I did, and on the occasions that I tossed in a little too much R&B, my friends would happily take over as DJ, and/or drink a little more Sang Som.   Food, music, and friends; it’s a simple recipe for good times and sweet memories!

My sanctuary in Bangkok
Jirathit Mansion, Bangkok

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