Thailand Firsts

Looking out to seaI’m guilty. I’ve neglected my blog and it needs to be revived. It’s not ready to rest in peace, so here I am breathing life into it.  Life’s been hectic these days and my inspiration has been hiding, but somehow it’s random followers and new friends that are inspiring me to share my thoughts again.  So, to you guys, a big thank you.  I needed a friendly shove to find my voice again.

If you’ve been following me or poking around my blog, you’ll know I’m going through a transition and I’m not over Thailand. Did you notice I didn’t add ‘yet’ ?  That was intentional.  Anyhow, tonight I’m going down memory lane and sharing some of my Thailand firsts with you.

1. First spontaneous kiss

My first kiss was premeditated at the age of 16.  It was like kissing a puppy who’d been chewing strawberry flavoured Hubba Bubba gum.  My first spontaneous kiss was at the age of 18 on the beach;  it was like kissing a snake that had been drinking Sang Som and Coke. Thankfully, kisses get sweeter with practice and I’m no longer kissing puppies or snakes!

2. First tattoo

Surprise!  I got inked in Pattaya with a little purple heart with รัก (love) inside.  At the time, I couldn’t read or write Thai, but four years later I could.  When Thais asked me who I loved, I would tell them it was a secret, but over the years, I’ve realized it’s not someone –  it’s  someplace.

3. First cell phone

And if memory serves me right, it was a Motorola.  I never had a cell phone in Canada and it wasn’t until I turned 22 and went abroad to study that I succumbed to being reachable 24/7.  I quickly adapted and enjoyed being able to make last minute plans, discretely text in class, and notify my friends about the horrible traffic jams on the way to Bangkok.  Oh, Bangkok traffic, you’ve made me late for so many things!

4. First bikini

My Thai boyfriend told me I looked like a grandma in my one-piece.  Wearing a bikini on the beach was a big step out of my comfort zone.  You’re probably thinking, “What?! This girl has a tattoo, and she has qualms about exposing skin on the beach?!”  Well, yes, I’m an oxymoron.  I would have been quite content to swim in my clothes like the locals. However, wearing a bikini made me get over my self-consciousness, and appreciate the body I have.

5. First time living on my own

While I was studying at college, I had Thai roommates, but once my semesters were over,  I didn’t want to return to Canada, so I rented my own room in a building across from the campus condos.  The room was nothing special, but it did have air-conditioning and an outside bathroom.  Let me clarify, I had an outside bathroom with hot water and a flushing toilet. It was so small — perfect for multitasking!  Anyhow, the point was, I had my own space for the first time in my life.  I could come and go as I pleased, and stay up late. There was no one to answer to, but myself.

6. First time paying my own bills 

I had bills to pay living in Thailand. I had expenses — I was all grown up.  I finally got to experience college life living away from home.

7. First ‘real’ job after university

After university, I headed back to Thailand and began working full time as an English teacher.  For the next six years, I continued to work in the education field and my last year and half was spent working at the university where I had been a student.

8. First time I believed I was enough

I was able to just be me. I no longer had to be the shy quiet girl.  I discovered that I was capable of so much more than I thought.  I no longer had to fit into someone else’s box. And I realized that even though I’m not ‘perfect’, I am enough.

9. First spontaneous same-sex kiss

My 29th birthday was a bit crazy. The highlights were tracking down a bouncer who took my passport , club-hopping til 6 AM, and kissing my girl friend.  It was my first and last girl kiss.  And although it wasn’t horrible, it wasn’t something I wanted to do again .  Sorry, Katy Perry.  I didn’t like it.

10. First time playing by my own rules

I was living on my own and paying my own bills, so of course I was playing by my own rules.  For the first time, I took risks, did things that scared me, and didn’t think (too much) about what others thought of me.


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