Farewell 2013

I’ve been mulling this post over since I turned 33. It’s now the end of 2013, so I better get it out there before the magic of the number 3 disappears.  In my 33 years, I’ve called 3 countries home (Canada, Thailand and South Korea), so in honour of 2013 and my 3 homes, I’m sharing 13 random things that I’ve learned along my journey.

1. I’m memorable, and so are you.

In school, I was always that shy girl that got good grades, but had few friends. Even though I was shy, I got involved; I played in the band, and on the soccer and field hockey teams, and also peer tutored in the ESL class, and took pictures for Yearbook. Still I was surprised, years after I graduated, when an old classmate approached me in an internet café in Bangkok. Then just this year, the cool drummer from high school came up to me when I was grocery shopping. It made me realize that even though I’d shied away from the spotlight, I was visible and memorable.

Do you ever catch yourself saying I bet he doesn’t remember me?  Well, I bet he (or she) does remember you.

2. Chocolate milk brings me comfort, and it’s also great for refueling!

Chocolate milk and I go way back, back to the pizza days in elementary school.  I always looked forward to those days with no carrot sticks in my lunchbox.  In Thailand, chocolate milk wasn’t always easy to find, so I’d settle for Milo after particularly bad dates and breakups. When others would reach for a bottle of wine, I’d reach for chocolate. Now, I drink chocolate milk after long runs.

Science says chocolate milk’s good for refueling after high intensity workouts. And damn sexy, too….look here!

3. Not everyone has patience, but I do.

Living abroad has taught me patience: patience with others, patience with myself, and patience with circumstances. Crowded markets, long queues, stolen wallets, delayed flights, embarrassing moments, and mispronounced words –I’ve known them all.  My Thai friends have helped me realize that getting all worked up doesn’t help. “Mai pen lai. Kit maak,” they’d say. (Never mind. You think too much.)

Well, I still think too much, but I have a lot more patience.


I know that was only 3 random things, but it’s New Year’s Eve and I want to go out. Please have some patience, drink some chocolate milk, and wish that guy or gal, who you think doesn’t remember you, a happy 2014! Stay tuned for more on January 1 aka tomorrow :).

NYE 2011 in Seoul, South Korea
NYE 2011 in Seoul, South Korea

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