Eyes and lips: two reasons to look deeper

Oh yeah, he's got great eyes and kissable lips....
Oh yeah, he’s got great eyes and kissable lips….

Women are visual creatures too, but we’re just more discreet. While men ogle openly and usually fit into two camps – boobs and butts – women steal quick glances and appreciate the finer details – eyes and lips.  These features are windows to what’s beneath the surface.

Recently, I checked out a new follower of my blog, and the feminist in me actually enjoyed his posts, Breasts: Two Reasons to go on Living and Butts: Behind Every Great Woman Stands a Man, Ogling Her Inappropriately. They were pure honesty backed up with humour and research. After reading, I got to thinking – maybe men want to know what women discreetly ogle. I don’t want to speak for all women, but I do want to share what makes me do a double take, admire silently, and gush to my friends. First you should know that Fabio and pretty boys do absolutely nothing for me.


Johnny Depp's got some sexy eyes!
Johnny Depp’s got some sexy eyes!

Lively, dark windows framed with long eyelashes make my heart skip a beat. Bold eye contact that initiates the conversation either pulls me in or holds me back. A million questions run through my head when I meet your glance. Are you sincere? Can I trust you? Do you believe in your own words? What makes your eyes light up? Are you holding my gaze? Are you listening? Are you appreciating the time I’ve spent running and doing my hair? It is okay to admire my beauty – in fact, please do. Respect my mind and body, and ask for my permission before you undress me with your eyes.

Eyes express desire, affection, love, concern, and so much more. They truly are the windows to our souls, our inner world.


Taye Digg's got some sexy lips!
Taye Diggs’ got some kissable lips!

Sweet lips that turn up in a mischievous smile make me melt. After our eyes meet, it’s your lips that will do the seducing. It’s your words that are going to get us past our friendly hellos. Hopefully, you have a good story, a sense of humour, and some chapstick. If you have all three, I’ll be swallowing my gum just in case your kissable lips meet mine.

And my eyes stray below the neck. I know I’m not alone when I say I notice if you work out. Your time spent at the gym is not is vain. (However, popping veins do freak me out.) When you reach for your glass I may just check out your defined biceps, and also notice the outline of your triceps as you get up from the table. I may even make an excuse to squeeze your arm or that shoulder you pulled at work. And the more I get to know you, the more I’ll want to know about that scar above your eye and the beauty spot on your chin. As time goes on, your eyes will show me another world and I’ll long to be enchanted by the words from your lips.

It’s your inspiration and aspirations, quirky sense of humour and fun, and genuine respect and love that are going to keep me, but it’s your eyes and lips that are going to pull me past the exterior and make me want to look deeper.


4 thoughts on “Eyes and lips: two reasons to look deeper

  1. I saw a picture of Johnny Depp and I took the bait, lol. Well done. I love him!

    And yep. I’m guilty of checking a man out. The first thing that catches my attention usually is how he’s dressed followed by his build (height/weight). I’m moreso a thigh woman. I will ogle a man’s thighs while on a date with him. It’s pretty funny admitting this, but it’s the truth.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, and taking the bait ;-)! Who can resist the dreamy Mr. Depp?

      I think most of us women are guilty of checking guys out — we just don’t openly talk about it for fear of sounding superficial. So, you’re a thigh woman who likes a man with style — I can’t fault you there!

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