Introverts are worth it


He’s an onion. I just wish I’d started peeling back the layers sooner. She looked up from her tea with a smile, and I knew it was those layers that she found captivating and frustrating. It’s those layers, those many reasons, that make introverts worth it.


1. We are more than what meets the eye.

“What you see is what you get. I’m an open book,” said no introvert ever. Our book is firmly shut, some of our pages stick together, and we’ve been dogeared. Don’t pass us up though; we’ve got a plethora of interests and stories galore. We aren’t that shy girl or that nerdy guy — we’re enthralled with our own world, but we’re eager to learn new things, too. And because we have patience we strive to be really good at something or to develop an array of hobbies.

Have you ever just met someone and felt like you’ve known them forever? That won’t happen with us. We’ll continue to surprise you.

2. We are amazing listeners.

Unless we are hearing impaired, you’ll never have to repeat yourself. We may not always give you the response you want or respond immediately, but your words will never go unheard. We’ll take it all in –the tone in your voice, your body language, the words you choose, even the way you hesitate. Most introverts are able to focus, so if you’ve got their attention, you’ve got all of it. And some of us are even good at giving thoughtful advice. Be patient with this; we usually need to let stories marinate before we can articulate our own take on the dilemma.

Need someone to listen without passing judgement? You can always count on us.

3. We are highly perceptive.

When you take a step back you can see more clearly. Introverts are on the periphery consuming the whole picture — we’re the ones with the x-ray glasses seeing the truth and deception in everything including ourselves. We don’t take things at face value — we don’t buy into ‘what you see is what you get’ — there’s usually a lot more….or sometimes a lot less. We pick up on slight nuances, shifty eyes, genuine smiles, and all the little things that go unnoticed when you’re in the thick of it.

Wondering if there’s something strange about that guy? Ask us.

4. We are the voice of reason  little voice that has nuggets of wisdom.

That’s too bold of a statement — the voice of reason! We may have a little voice and not say a whole lot, but when we do speak, take note. Since we’ve spent so much time rehearsing in our head, it’s likely that what comes out is something to reflect upon. Maybe it will make you look at things in a different light or give you a new idea. We don’t like to waste our breath, so you’ll likely find some nuggets of wisdom is our exhalation.

Do you want some honest insight? We’ll offer some up, but you’ll have to be patient.

5. We are curious creatures. 

We are curious about ourselves and others. Self-reflection is something that we do a lot of — introverts are always having loud conversations in their heads. We’re also fascinated by others and feel quite comfortable interrogating someone who piques our interest. We like to dissect situations and figure out the whats and whys. If we think it would be fun to try something new, like scuba diving, we’ll research it before jumping in. If we’re planning a trip, we’ll spend hours pouring over guide books, try to learn the language, and cook up some exotic cuisine.

Are you looking for a partner in crime? Let’s be curious together.


So, you see, introverts really are worth it. Even though we are onions that sometimes make you cry with grueling one-sided conversations, awkward silences, solo parties, and guessing games, you’ll want to keep peeling away to discover our many layers. And you know what? Introverts know that extroverts are worth it, too — they balance us out, they introduce us to new worlds, and they spark our curiosity.



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