NaBloPoMo: I’m doing it!

No more excuses. I’m doing NaBloPoMo. After attempting and failing miserably to blog every day in February, I have decided to try again and have added Lotusgirl80 to the blog roll for National Blog Posting Month for November. Why November? It’s NaNoWriMo, and I’m not ready to write a novel, but I’m ready to blog for 30 days non-stop. It’s also Movember, and I’m not ready to grow a moustache, but I’m ready to grow my readership.  And recently I’ve been discovered (followed) on Pinterest by not only ‘miracle’ diet girls, but by savvy blogging women from The Official Blog Guide and Blog Clarity. These are all good omens, so I’m doing it — writing for 30 consecutive days!

Now I have to stand up to my indecisive Libran nature, and decide what I’m going to write about. I’m going to get back to the root of my blog — West meets East: insight, humour, and ramblings. I started this blog to make sense of my life in Canada after living in Asia for several long and wonderful years. It’s been a personal journal….journey….but I know that I am not alone. I know that I am not the only one navigating different worlds. So, over the next 30 days and 30 posts, I’m going to explore this more, this in-betweenness, and the novel, exciting, boring, unique, and fun experiences that go along with immersing yourself in your world, one that is not always defined by the borders that surround you. And this exploration will all be done with some humour, a sprinkle of insight, and a hefty dose of rambling.

It’s almost midnight and my bed is calling me. After a lovely Diwali night of dance, music, and samosas, I’m looking forward to a fruitful sleep of blogging ideas!


30 days of non-stop blogging -- I can do it!!!
30 days of non-stop blogging — I can do it!!!

7 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo: I’m doing it!

  1. I’m happy you’ve decided to focus on your journey to make sense of living in Canada after living in Asia, because I’m interested in hearing about that and all it entails. Blog on! Leslie

      1. I’m equally interested in your experience of being a young Canadian woman in Asia. I hope you’ll explore both sides of the equation.

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