NaBloPoMo Day 9: Random Thoughts of an Introvert

Being an introvert is the new, hip thing. Ironically, we’ve been put in the spotlight. My Facebook feed is cluttered with posts like 21 Things Introverts Are Tired of Hearing, and 15 Things Introverts Absolutely Love. And Susan Cain’s book and TED talks are shedding light on the power of introverts, and what we can learn from them. As an introvert, I think this is awesome, but I also wonder if it is limiting us. No two introverts are alike, just like no two extroverts are alike. An introvert can do anything an extrovert can do, and vice versa. We’re all on a spectrum. At one end, there is the introvert that lives alone in the woods, and at the other end, there’s the extrovert that takes 99 of her friends to a movie (click link to hear about the greatest love of introverts). Most of us fall somewhere in the middle, leaning a little more to one side or the other.

Introvert - extrovert spectrum

As there is a wealth of information out there, and I’ve already written a few posts on introverts, I’m not going to bore you with anything new. I’m just going to share some of my random thoughts. These thoughts are mine, the ones I usually keep to myself, but I’m sure some of you can relate, especially the introverts.

  1. How long can I stay in the restroom until they realize I’m missing?
  2. Do I have to say goodbye to everyone at this party?!
  3. I’d rather not talk right now, so please stop calling. What’s wrong with texting?
  4. I’m really content listening to the stories around me. Please stop giving me that look. It’s not going to make me want to open up.
  5. Just because I’m quiet, it doesn’t mean I want you to speak on my behalf. Silence is okay.
  6. I just met you, so I don’t feel comfortable giving you a hug. (Sometimes I wish I could say this, and I think others do, too. Instead, we give each other those awkward, limp hugs, and pats on the back.)
  7. Honestly, I’m not a great team player. My best work is done alone. I’ve been lying on my resume for years.
  8. I’m not anti-social. You are the one taking selfies, and texting, while real live humans are sharing a meal with you.
  9. I’m perfectly fine. I’m not bored, tired, or grumpy. There is beauty in silence. Try it.


Do you think you’re an introvert? Here are 23 signs you might be, but remember you are uniquely you, and being an introvert or an extrovert does not define you or your random thoughts!


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