NaBloPoMo Day 14: fragments of my Friday

Fragments of my day. Sometimes I am so forgetful. The worst is when I feel so prepared, and then realize I’ve left something at home. This morning I woke up early, made myself a healthy smoothie, gathered my tutoring materials, and hopped on the bus. When I arrived at my 8:30 meeting, it hit me ~ I’m not as organized as I think I am. This is my morning so far.

Time has lapsed and now I am in Chinatown with my student. It’s 1 degree celsius, and I’m missing the warmth of Thailand. I’m not cut out for this weather. I’m trying to forget my forgetfulness. Perhaps, a coconut hot chocolate at Union Pacific Coffee will do the trick, and help me get out of my head. Be present, don’t let one little thing set the tone for your whole day.


hot chocolate

As we walked down the alleyways, I started to forget and dream a little bit. I’d love to live in Dragon Alley. As we meandered, I felt like I was exploring the city again with fresh eyes. Even though my student had lived in Victoria for over 6 months, there were still so many places she had not seen. Her enthusiasm wore off on me, and gave me a whole new perspective. I didn’t want to go to my volunteering gig, I just wanted to play tourist in my own town.




Once I reached the hospital, I was glad I was there to help in the art group. The lovely women there remind me that it’s okay to be forgetful, it’s okay to colour outside the lines, and it’s okay to get a bit messy. I’m never sure what to expect once the easels are up and the paints are on the table. I’m just in the background watching the artists work, and sometimes they’ll ask my opinion or comment on my outfit. Today one lady proclaimed that I looked delicious. She’s the abstract painter that’s always blowing kisses!


I’m home now, it’s 6 degrees celsius, and I’m looking forward to my walk to the beach. I plan to catch the last of the sunlight before it disappears. Despite my day starting off on the wrong note, all the fragments came together, to make a pretty okay picture.





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