NaBloPoMo day 19: Love & Lang Leav

I’m throwing in the towel tonight, and introducing you to the Undefinabletyper at Broken But Fixable, and Lang Leav. Both have left me inspired, helping me realize that I’m not alone, and that I will get through these tears and heartbreak. Without further ado, here is the main attraction for the night.

This is Probably the Saddest Post Ever  (It’s not really the saddest post…..go ahead and click the link!)

Lang Leav



3 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo day 19: Love & Lang Leav

  1. Awww thank you!! 😀 And I’m so excited that you’re a Lang Leav fan too! There is just something about her poetry that hits you.right.there.. I also think it’s wonderful how we are going through this personal journey while knowing that there are others who know just how you feel. Makes the pain slightly bearable! I also noticed that you’re an ESL tutor. We have that in common too!

    1. Thank you for introducing me to Lang Leav :-). Her poetry is so real and relatable. And I’m thankful you are sharing your breakup journey….I already look forward to your posts! Stay strong…we’re going to get through it :). So cool you are an ESL tutor too….my students are wonderful at keeping me focused, they help me forget for a while…

      1. It feels good to share! Awww! I hope I don’t disappoint! And I’m looking forward to your posts too! Oh yes, the students are a great distraction. But sometimes, I feel bad for them when my emotions overtake my concentration and I tend to lose focus. Sometimes, I think being a tutor feels like you’re an actor who is performing everyday in class 🙂

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