NaBloPoMo day 25: Work it out

Maybe I don’t give such realistic breakup advice. On NaBloPoMo day 17, I suggested that sweating it out is better than crying it out. That’s not always true, especially if you haven’t been sleeping or eating right. I know this from first-hand experience. Tonight as I was running up and down on my step in SWEAT class (yes, it is all in caps), I lost my balance and fell backwards. I didn’t land gracefully, but I managed to pick myself up and keep going. I even managed to fight off my spontaneous tears that have been making regular appearances lately.


Sometimes you need to just work it out, and keep going. That is what I am learning day by day. I’m not sure if it is getting any easier, but I’m grateful for each new day that comes. And I have moments where I’m actually able to see the humour in all of this. I imagine it was a comical sight watching me fall on my bum in the middle of class tonight. And then there was hot pot and Google translate with my student. I still feel a bit guilty for driving her to smoke a cigarette. Only a little guilty. And I’ve been sporting a Gothic look these days, as I refuse to wear waterproof mascara. Sometimes I am able to laugh at myself. As painful as this all is, I know that in the end things will work out how they’re supposed to, and I’ll keep going.


4 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo day 25: Work it out

  1. Love how you are able to see the humour in things. It’s especially hard when all we seem to want to do is just wallow and cry. You’re right. Sometimes, we just need to keep going although we know there are days where it’ll be ok and there are days where you just want to hide underneath the blanket 🙂

    1. Oh, I’m trying….it’s not easy. This blog challenge has been good for me, although I haven’t been able to write more that 500 words for quite a few days now. Less is more, right? Hope your days are going well 🙂

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