NBPM #3: Different pebbles

“Here are many different pebbles. You can take a pebble you feel represents you and take another pebble that might represent someone whom you don’t understand (your co-worker, your neighbour, or family member). Like the pebbles, everyone is unique. That is the plan. We may not always understand someone who is different, but we can accept and appreciate that person. Whenever you have trouble with that person, remember that pebble.”


For the past six weeks, I’ve been eating lunch at a Korean-Japanese kiosk in a nearby office building. The owner, a florist from Korea, has decorated her space beautifully with artificial plants, pebbles and inspiring words. While I eat my bibimbap, I like to reflect on the words above. I have so many different pebbles in my life, and I don’t understand them, all of the time!

But ‘that is the plan’.  Indeed, I agree — we’re all unique. And like the pebbles, we have different sides, and are worn or polished by our circumstances. We have a few rough edges and fine cracks too. Our stories are different and so are our perspectives. The beauty is that we can learn so much from each other. We can look at the differences and go beyond them, we can appreciate and value all the pebbles in our lives.

As I go back to work, I remember this; I remember that we are just like the pebbles. And I remember how beautifully they were arranged, and how all the different sizes, shapes, and colours complemented each other.  And I realize how lucky I am to have all the different pebbles in my life.


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