NBPM #5: Special delivery

bouquetWe get daily deliveries at my work place — usually of office supplies and textbooks. Today we had a special delivery — a beautiful bouquet. My colleague and I exchanged quizzical looks when the flowers came walking in, but our hopes were quickly dashed once we realized they were for neither one of us. They were for one of our students. We guessed it must have been her birthday, or the day after a lover’s quarrel. My colleague, a married woman, lamented that flowers only came for her on Valentine’s day now, and I shared that I missed flowers, but always preferred chocolate!

I waited patiently for our student to finish her class, then rushed to present her with the vase of roses, lavender, and pink daisies. A smile blossomed on her face, when she saw the flowers, and she told me she wanted to cry.  She was nowhere near tears, and the glimmer in her eyes was of pure joy. It was her wedding anniversary the next day. Her lack of surprise told me that this wasn’t such an unusual thing for her husband to do, and she told me pointedly, “He is sweet like this.”  Me, being as inquisitive as I am, asked her how long she’d been married.  Seven years –seven years and a little boy in kindergarten, living in a different country, far from her native land.  All three of them are students, too -what an adventure!

Now as I recall my day, I think about that special delivery, just before lunch. Even though the flowers weren’t for me, they added some beauty to my day. They stirred memories in me; memories of a time, not so long ago, that I had a special someone who was ‘sweet like that’ and would bring me flowers, chocolates, and even a whole cake, just because. And I know it may sound silly, but those flowers and my student’s smile made me believe in romance….and love again.


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