Just Me

Welcome to Lotusgirl80!

Why Lotus girl?

At midnight, my first boyfriend waited patiently at the airport with a bouquet of lotuses — flowers reserved for monks in Thailand. He didn’t know any better, and had given me the nickname, Lotus girl, back in Canada. He also didn’t know that would be the start of my love affair with Thailand, and the end of our love.  Over the years, I have become like the lotus — growing strong, even in the murkiest of waters.

Why 80? 

I’m an 80s child. Yes, I went through that phase of spandex, big hair, playing outside, and listening to New Kids. Although I left most of that in the 80s, I still enjoy playing outside, especially if it involves hiking or running.

What can I expect to find here?

This is what happens after the traveling and living abroad stops. This is the aftermath of my Thailand love and South Korea fling. This is me navigating my birthplace as a  a single (not anymore), thirty-something woman, who thought she would live abroad indefinitely, but then found herself back where she started.  It’s not always easy to articulate my feelings about returning to the West, or living in the East, and I still utter foreign words to myself, and dream in different colours.

I returned to Canada in 2012 and started this writing therapy shortly after turning 32. It’s a bit like a travel blog in reverse. You’ll find reflections on my life abroad in Asia, and me trying to make peace with my new home and path in the West.  You’ll find wisdom gleaned from books, volunteering, and life abroad. And you’ll be privy to a generous dose of advice and tales around dating, connecting with introverts, and  random experiences and curiosities (phone apps, heartbreak, poetry, writing).

I’m a storyteller at heart, and these are my stories. This is my heartfelt journey with a side of humour, so please laugh along with me, even when I’m getting sentimental!




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