Adventures in Dating: Second Dates

I did take down my online dating profile, but I didn’t give up on dating completely. I just decided that I was going to let things unfold naturally. So after a week of exchanging text messages with my Saturday coffee date, we settled on a second date, a Monday dinner date. Although I still felt that we were […]

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A whole new dating world

“Dating…..don’t wait too long.” This is a memo I store in my phone, because I need to  remind myself that the longer I stand on the sidelines, the harder it will be to get back on the field. Yes, I am ready. My heart beats to its own even rhythm; my eyes stay dry when I think of him; my […]

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Going offline: the aftermath

Nothing’s been published, but I’ve been writing. There’s this post I’ve been working on, but I just can’t get it right. I’ve mapped it out in my head, but tackling it seems so daunting. It’s coming along, piece by piece, but it’s nowhere near ready to be shared. However, it is a post I’d like to […]

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