A Soundtrack for Crushes

Do you remember that first crush? Maybe you were in high school, and it never amounted to anything more than a flutter in your heart. Maybe he didn’t even know your name, but you wrote your initials beside his in a little heart on the desk, in your notebook, and on the bathroom mirror. You knew the […]

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Sometimes I think I am over him, but then I tell a friend how we met, and  my eyes tell another story.  Sometimes I think I need to be over him, when he passes me on the street, focusing on what is ahead, and it’s not me, but my heart won’t let me be.  Sometimes I wonder why […]

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NBPM #6: Flowers for Friday

This morning, I walked into the office at 10:30 and found a beautiful bouquet of lilies, irises, and pink gerbers on my desk. This time the flowers were for me! They were ‘thank you’ flowers from a colleague, on her last day. For a moment, I thought maybe they were from him. It’s been nearly a year […]

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