NBPM #5: Special delivery

We get daily deliveries at my work place — usually of office supplies and textbooks. Today we had a special delivery — a beautiful bouquet. My colleague and I exchanged quizzical looks when the flowers came walking in, but our hopes were quickly dashed once we realized they were for neither one of us. They were for one of our students. We […]

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NBPM #1: What does 35 look like?

For the last week, I’ve been contemplating the resurrection of my blog in honour of National Blog Posting Month.  My blog’s been dead nearly a year — to be precise, it’s been silent since November 30th, 2014. Yes, that means I finished NaBloPoMo last year and then unplugged the life support. Last November wasn’t so sweet; I blogged a […]

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Introverts are worth it

He’s an onion. I just wish I’d started peeling back the layers sooner. She looked up from her tea with a smile, and I knew it was those layers that she found captivating and frustrating. It’s those layers, those many reasons, that make introverts worth it. ***** 1. We are more than what meets the […]

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