NaBloPoMo: Why I Stopped Posting

NaBloPoMo was supposed to go differently – I was supposed to write everyday for the month of November in the spirit of National Blog Posting Month, but  instead I stopped writing and posting on Day 7. The month was going to be about writing in the here and now, and my intentions were to write from Victoria, Vancouver, Bangkok, […]

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Misty Blue

Thailand is an ex-boyfriend I just can’t get over. No matter how hard I try, I just can’t get him off my mind. “I think of the things we used to do and my whole world turns misty blue.” First Impressions I still remember the first time we met; touching down in Bangkok was like […]

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Thailand Firsts

I’m guilty. I’ve neglected my blog and it needs to be revived. It’s not ready to rest in peace, so here I am breathing life into it.  Life’s been hectic these days and my inspiration has been hiding, but somehow it’s random followers and new friends that are inspiring me to share my thoughts again. […]

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Music mix

February 5: What are you obsessively listening to? For many of you, you won’t understand this, but I’ve never been one to obsessively listen to music.  I usually listen to music when I’m cleaning, dressing up to go out, or just before bed.  In the past, I used to put together playlists for the various […]

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